"De observatie door ValConEx tijdens het assessment op onze raadpleging heeft geleid tot verbluffende analyses. Zelf had ik nooit gedacht dat één persoon op 1 week tijd dergelijke resultaten kon voortbrengen op zo'n schematische manier."

Ik feliciteer An met haar deskundigheid en zeer professionele aanpak."

  • Prof. F. Bosman

Honorary Professor at University of Lausanne, Switzerland

"An first conducted an in-depth assessment of the organisation of Diagnostic Laboratory services in Pathology at the Erasmus University Medical Center, when I held the position of Interim Department Chair. This resulted in a clear description of problems and proposals for improvement. She subsequently was responsible for the implementation phase of the project, during which she led a working-group of Department members, familiarized them with the principles of LEAN functioning and coached them through implementation of the changes in organisation and workflow that had been decided upon. She did this with great enthusiasm, a high level of professionalism and with a people management approach that together made the project successful. Most impressive was the attitude change she managed to instill. I can highly recommend An."


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